VíctorPiano (Víctor Ernesto Gutiérrez Cuiza) [CHI. 1991] is a Multimedia Composer based in Hamburg. His works belongs to the “expanded fields” of new music:  electronic, light, animation, video, folk music, dance, theatre, improvisation, programming and generative music dialogue, among others, to generate a complex and intimate worldview. 

Different topics are targeted within his work, but the cross-cutting idea is the relationship between the individual and society. No matter if it is language, energies, culture, constellations or critics to capitalism; every reflection comes from the understanding and respect for the individual and the society we are constructing. 

Victor has studied music, programming and instrumental and multimedia composition with: Georg Hajdu, Alexander Schubert, Gordon Kampe, Andrés Maupoint, Andrés Ferrari, Jacob Sello, John MacCallum, Rama Gottfried, Jorge Pepi, Ximena Ugalde, Karina Glasinovic.

He works as a composer but also as a performer. He is a founding member of “Canto Crisol” [chi], “Atok” [chi], “YNFB” [ger]. His music has been performed in several festivals and venues such as Festival de Música Contemporánea U. De Chile, Prismas – primaveras latinoamericanas, Selva 4.1, rC3 chaostrawler, Blurred Edges, Symphony in the Elbtunnel among others.