2021: choreatmosphere – HfMT 2022

2021: choreatmosphere is a piece commissioned by the TRR-181 research group of the University of Hamburg and developed in collaboration with @ValentinoNedhual

The piece consist in transforming the acoustic properties of a room (by using Wave Field Synthesis) using data that shows measurements of the energy that is being transfered within the atmosphere around the planet.

For each part of the piece, every “sonification” obtained by translating the numbers of the data provided by Valentino into musical parameters, had also always a second layer where the movement of the sound is defined (composed) either by following the same tables or in a intuitive approach to demonstrate certain phenomenas like the “Rosy Waves”.

The piece is a mixture of techniques and medias looking for different artistic approaches to comprehend data not only though the visualisation of numbers, but more through experiencing the waves and the data in a sound-form of presentation.

The incorporation of the flute to the whole piece is both an element of contrast to the more complex and synthetic sections of the piece, as well as the opportunity to have a sound produced in the room that can move around physically and also be modified during the interaction with the characteristics of the room-enviorment. This characteristics are provided by the data which is being processed and it represents the atmospheric energy of the whole earth along one year (2021).

flute: gabrijelasusek