Multimedia piece for solo performer. 

Anhelos de Bolsillo is a 30 mins. solo piece where questions about intimacy and longing are explored on different levels and with different approaches to the concept.

It is divided in three different parts: Part one is a complete electroacoustic -almost acousmatic- piece that works as an introduction to the general atmosphere of the whole piece. Part two is a monolog, a story dealing with the main concepts of the piece from the perspective of the composer-performer and introduction to the toy-instrument “Run-Run”. Part three crashes all the elements presented in the previous two parts in a complete multimedia instance where lights, video and sound are completely integrated to create an intimate yet tremendously intense experience. 

The piece was premiered with @coelctivoresidencial at the @centroculturalespacioelefante in Santiago de Chile as part of the workshop and concert “Visitas de Invierno” on September of the year 2019.