ESTUPOR – festival de música contemporánea Universidad de Chile 2018

ESTUPOR is a short piece for a small instrumental ensamble: string quartet and 2 singers. 

-program notes-

“stupor: a state of near-unconsciousness or insensibility”

Within the piece, all sounds and technics derive from an intuitive approach to the sonority of the word “estupor” in Spanish. 

This piece is part of a personal approach and research of the relationship between text and music: previous works of my own authorship have worked this relationship in different formats: songs, symphonic poems, music theatre, musicalised poems. This was the first attempt to get into the sonority it self of the word-language rather than continue with the “storytelling” style. 

-program notes-

ESTUPOR was premiered in the International Festival of Contemporary Music of Chile on 2018

scorevideo ESTUPOR – 2018