For Harp and electronics and installation, this piece is a Homage to Ana González de Recabarren who died in 2018 at the age of 93 years old.

It is 5 micro-pieces representing her and each one of her beloveds (her husband, two sons and one daughter in law) who never appeared after being kidnapped by the intelligence departments of Chilean dictatorship in the year 1976. 

Ana González de Recabarren died claiming for justice but specially asking just for truth: wishing simply to know where the bodies of her beloveds and other missing persons who opposed to the dictatorship where hidden-buried.  

-program notes-

Morir sin saber dónde poner una flor is a multimedia piece-installation, where the instrument dialogues with four sculptures made out with chairs and white lights creating a solemn and very intimate atmosphere which vanishes into the silence of their absences.

The 5 micro pieces represents 5 musical vases, shaped with 5 different textures as it was the use of the Diaguitas for the ornamentation of their ceramic work since before the Spanish and Inca’s empires conquered their territory.

-program notes-