ofrendas 2021 – HfMT Hamburg

Ofrendas is a Music Theatre piece. 

-program notes-

The worker, the kid, the composer and the “outsider”. Along the piece these four characters will narrate from their own points of view a single fictional event which takes place inside a subway of a nameless city. The characters will be confronted to themselves when surreal and violent scenarios covers all their surrounding space.

All their interventions are deeply related in their structures, their ideas and speeches to what is happening in the music, which is not an accompaniment but a node of creation to all dramatic scenes. 

The piece is a “theme and variations” where “theatrical” variations and musical variations are developed from the structure of a musical theme: one after the other variations are taking turns between the two of them and by the end mixing all resources into a single dramatic entity. 


-program notes-

Originally composed for orchestra and 4 performers (2016) in Santiago, it was rewritten and premiered on the year 2021 by a small electroacoustic ensamble and 4 performers in Hamburg. The theatrical scenes where directed by @maciek.marzec.