Punto de Vista – abshcluss konzert 2021

During the national scale protests of 2019 in Chile, over 300 people were shot by the army and policemen in their eyes with rubber bullets. The National Institute for Human Rights revealed that by the 7th of December (less than two months after the protest started) “331 persons presented injuries in their eyes, while 31 suffered from blowup or complete loss of one of their eyeballs”.

Despite the millions of people in the streets denouncing the systemic violence they have to live with, the answer from the government had no second readings: “We are at war” said the president, showing the brutal reality of physical violence practiced by the state.

Punto de Vista is a composition using documented material recorded by @colectivoresidencial during this chilean social outbreak in 2019 . It is a Multimedia piece for double bass, bass trombone and contrabassoon, live electronics and animation. 

Punto de Vista started as a piece that reflects on violence but evolved to be a piece where two dimensions of violence are presented: symbolic and systematic violence versus physical aggression. The animations of the piece where made by colectivo @completadabailable (@isidoranoisadora and @kristian.o.g)