Qatachillay 2015 – Espacio Matta

Qatachillay is a piece for 2 double basses, 3 dancers and electronics.

It is based on the “dark constellations” of pre colonial cultures from Los Andes, who looked into the dark “empty” spaces of the Milky Way and defined seven “dark” constellations: the human, the fox,  the lama, the chulengo, the frog, the bird and the snake.

Movement, direction, energy and transmutation-transcendence are some of the concepts behind the dark figures that the cultures from Los Andes identified in the visible arm of the Milky Way. Qatachillay, rather than an “illustration” of these concepts, is an interpretation, an approximation or view of the constellations from the perspective of people in the XXI century. 

Qatachillay is a transdisciplinary piece where movement and music are completely interconnected as both where shaped each other during exercise, rehearsals and composition.

Qatachillay was composed and conceived together with choreographer @danibuen.día and premiered with “Ensamble Atoq” on 2015 in @centrogam in Santiago de Chile.