[RE]quiem por todos quienes mueren en silencio 2021 – HfMT

[RE]quiem is a piece for a MIDI instrument solo and Animation.

The piece takes takes a short comic strip from @noitego as a script and expands its main concepts: dead, suicide, depression and the confrontation of the individual against an automated society. The aesthetics and structures of the piece are not only a tribute to nostalgia, but a way to analyse our society with the medias and means we have created.

As the piece is dealing with the topics of death and depression it has 5 different sections characterised by the 5 stages of duel. The acting of re-contextualise a comic strip, and the re-interpretation of the stages of duel led me to incorporate the concept of remix along the whole musical part of the piece for this version of the requiem.

There are two versions on youtube: the animated version and the live version from my graduation concert of the HfMT where you can see how the Disklavier is playing together and synched with the animation.

animated version

live version (2021)