texculpting – symphony in the Elbe Tunnel

Texculpting is a piece for a 144 musicians orchestra. 

The piece was part of the project “Symphony in the Elbtunnel” in 2019. The project took place in the frame of the re-inauguration of the old tunnel that crosses the Elbe river in Hamburg. 

For the occasion a large orchestra was displayed along the two canals of the tunnel who received their scores on the browser of a tablet. The system was designed by Rama Gottfried and Georg Hajdu using “Maxscore” and “Drawsocket” to display the parts and synchronise the orchestra without the need of a conductor.  

The piece is a massive sound texture played by the orchestra which is being “sculpted”. The sections, procedures and process of sculpting is a mixture between intuition and different possibilities and combinations to express the number 12. As this number played an important role for the configuration of the whole concert, I wanted to write a piece where you can find it in within the structures of the piece.